Between The Pages

A story by Misti Debonno

Chapter 1

I drop the manuscript onto my desk, my breath coming in heavy gasps, my traitorous body aflame with desire. Max Turner’s book has turned me into a sex-driven seductress, at least in my mind anyway. In the past three days, lost in the pages of his manuscript, I’ve experienced a multitude of orgasms that have left me craving more, eager to dive deeper into the seductive depths of his words. “Bloody hell, Max,” I record an audio message to send, I wish I was speaking to him right now but his required levels of privacy went beyond the norm. “it’s electrifying, not just a gripping tale that leaves readers breathless, their bodies trembling with pleasure, and souls forever ignited by the fires of desire. No, your words have transcended the paradigms of erotic fiction. They’ve become an intimate dance with the reader’s fantasies, a sizzling exploration of their hidden desires. You, Max Turner, have crafted a literary masterpiece that seduces the mind, the heart, and the body in ways that are utterly astounding.”

I press send and lean back in my chair, a wicked smile dancing on my lips. The audacity of it all—a literary agent turned sexual enchantress, enthralled by a client’s steamy manuscript. The forbidden thrill courses through my veins, pulsating with every beat of my excited heart. I slip a hand inside my blouse, my fingertips teasingly grazing over my tingling nipple. The very sensation sends delicious shivers down my spine as I conjure a vivid image in my mind—an erotic fantasy of me, a feisty dominatrix, wielding a whip with absolute authority, while Max, my unsuspecting prey, trembles naked at my feet, his vulnerability and desire palpable. I envision his wide-eyed expression akin to that of a startled rabbit caught in the glare of headlights.

I bite my lower lip, I simply have to have him, and surely in my professional capacity as a literary agent, conjuring up a fool-proof success-plan is run-of-the-mill. I can just imagine it now, Emily Dawson, creating a scandalous buzz in the publishing world—the agent who not only discovers bestsellers but also awakens desires in the hearts of readers through the incitement of real-life eroticism in the lives of her authors. It was risky, it was audacious, but I was so the woman for the job.

I sat bolt upright in the chair, it was time to take matters into my own hands, I might have been a failed author but I’d excelled as an agent. Only now I wanted more, I craved the excitement, the empowering of domination—the days of me toiling for Max Turner were drawing to a close. I was about to own him, to whip his ass, and to bring his written fantasies indelibly to life. I dial his number, fire dancing in my eyes.

“Hello, Max.” I purr into the phone, “You have no idea what your manuscript has done to me. Let’s discuss how we can unleash this literary and erotic storm upon the world. Now I know you want your privacy, but we can work around that, if you’ll sign a personal contract with me, allowing me to take a rather dominant role. Of course, it will involve punishments and you serving me on your hands and knees, but it appears from your books, that you’re rather well-versed in that kind of thing.”

And with that provocative question hanging in the air, the stage was set for a daring collaboration, a fiery partnership that intertwined our professional ambitions and unleashed a passion-fuelled revolution in the literary realm. So, buckle up, world, because Emily Dawson and Max Turner are about to redefine the boundaries of passion, one blazing chapter after another.

Chapter Two

I could feel the intensity of this sex-fuelled connection growing. Max’s startled voice quivered through the phone, and my smirk widened, knowing that life was about to get infinitely more thrilling. The game has just begun.

Max hesitates, “Emily, this is… unexpected, to say the least. Is this some kind of twisted game?"

“I’m deadly serious!” my voice sliced through the air like a razor. My stiletto heel sank into the plush carpet, an imaginary scene played out in my mind, where Max knelt naked before me, submitting to my every command. “Your talent is undeniable, Max, but you’re just a fish in a vast ocean. Together, we can create waves that no one else has ever dared to surf. Trust me, Max.” I purred. “I promise you’ll never want to swim in safe waters again.” I knew there was a wicked glint in my eye, I had him well and truly hooked.

He chuckled nervously, “I never imagined my writing could have this kind of impact.”

“Your words possess a power that goes beyond the pages. Let’s tap into that power and create not just a literary, but a sexual revolution.”

“You know, Emily, I’ve always kept my private life separate from my work. This is unchartered territory for me. “

I leaned forward in my seat, my voice suddenly soft and enticing, “That’s precisely what makes this so thrilling. We’ll push boundaries, both with your books and in our personal lives. You will be my submissive, Max, and you will serve my growth as an agent every bit as much as my desires in the bedroom.” My one-time reserved nature was gone, transformed into the steely-edged attitude of a very real dominant woman who masterfully seduces her client.

“I have to admit, I never imagined us speaking in such an intimate way.” Max confessed.

“That’s okay, let yourself be vulnerable, Max.” I licked my lips, in a rather man-hungry fashion. “It’s in moments like this, that creativity really flourishes – the best art comes from the very depths of our souls.” I was on a roll – was this what they meant by being a sexual predator – and was that what I’d suddenly become? There was no time for feelings of shame or remorse; I was already too highly invested, emotionally anyway. I was embarking on a journey where fiction and reality intertwine, about to live out fantasies that would become scenes for Max Turner’s future manuscripts, with thrilling twists of authenticity.

Max’s voice trembled slightly, “I won’t lie, I’ve always wanted to explore the darker, more passionate side of my writing, but I held back, fearing judgement.”

“Let go of those fears, Max.” My body tingled with fiery desire that surged through my veins. “In fact, start now, turn this to video chat, and remove your clothes. You feel it already, don’t you? You want to please me."

Max’s voice grew stronger, filled with a mix of fresh confidence and arousal. Our call turned to video chat, and I held my breath while he proceeded to undress, for my eyes only. I hit record. I was so going to play this back over and over again.

“I never for a moment thought I’d find someone who could understand my writing and my desires like this."

“We have a special connection, Max. It’s what’s led us to this point. It’s not something either of us planned. It’s as though we’re being guided by a stronger force. But you know, it’s what sets us apart from the rest. Let’s use it to become something so powerful that we rise straight to the top – both of us!”

I smiled, looking at Max’s proud erection. I knew that whispers and rumours would spread like wildfire. I was counting on it. The scandalous affair between the famed author and his dominant agent would soon be top of all literary function gossip.

“Look at that penis, Max. It’s thoroughly enjoying your virtual collaring. Talking of which, I’ll have a new contract sent your way immediately. There’s no way you’re ever escaping this one."

Max laughed, “The world has no idea what they’re in for, in my forthcoming books.”

“That’s the best part; they won’t have seen it coming. Now, Max, give me a twirl. I want to see that cute bottom of yours. I’m just getting started on the fun I’m going to have with you.”

I noted the aroused twitch of his penis, he was so enjoying this. Of course, there would be punishments, but that’s the thing with men like Max - they’re crying out to be the play thing of a dominant woman. They work hard but lack fulfilment, they seek adventure and desire the forbidden, they fear losing control. And that’s where I come in. I adore control, especially when it brings a man to his knees.

I knew that with every chapter we created, the stakes would rise higher. Our success as collaborators would inevitably become a double-edged-sword, evoking stress in trying to keep our shocking affair hidden, whilst teasing the minds of those who believed that the fiction we wrote was in fact very real.

Max’s voice turned serious, “We need to be careful. Our secret should stay between us.”

“You have my word, Max.” Oh God, this is all too enjoyable, watching him squirm, while knowing that I will use his request for privacy against him, to leverage him into doing all that I demand.”

I leaned back in my chair, my smile profoundly wicked. His vulnerability fuel’s my naughtiness. “Max you have no idea how exhilarating this is going to be.” My words linger provocatively in the air, heavy with innuendo.

He drew in a sharp breath, and to my delight his erection piqued, I licked my lips as though I’m about to be delivered a delicious supper. He clears his throat, his eyes locked on mine through the video chat. “Emily, this is a dangerous game we’re playing.”

I raise an eyebrow, a playful spark dancing in my eyes. “Isn’t that the point, Max? The thrill of danger, the allure of the forbidden. It’s what sets the mind and body ablaze, isn’t it?”

Max shifts uncomfortably, the sudden flush on his cheeks betraying his arousal. “I—I didn’t sign up for this kind of partnership.”

“Ah, but you did, Max. You handed me the reins when you sent me that manuscript, allowing me to take control of your fantasies.” I lean in closer to the camera, as though I can bridge the distance between us. “And now you’re at my mercy, willingly or not.” For a brief trance-like moment, I’m overcome by the raging desire to feel my mouth moving over his swollen manhood. Before you cook up some scandalous, sex-soaked mental movie, let me be clear—I was a virgin until I met my husband. Even when I ditched that train-wreck of a relationship, my tally only reached two more partners. I was about as unadventurous as a pygmy sloth in a marathon. If life handed me a rollercoaster, I’d request a gentle push on the swing instead. From bungee jumping with rubber ducks, to tightrope walking over a pit of cheesecake, I was gearing up for a wild ride, even if my first plunge was going to be into the snug confines of my lacy knickers. Hey, a girl’s got to relieve some steam somehow!

It seemed Max’s primal hunger was ablaze too, his gaze dropped to his penis. “I never in my wildest dreams thought it would come to this.” He mumbles as if in a daze.

“Yet here we are.” I respond assertively, and am rewarded by a shamed look from my newly acquired submissive. “And I can see just how much you are enjoying it, even if you claim otherwise.” My eyes are fixed on his throbbing penis. “The tension, the excitement. Your body betrays you, even if your words don’t."

Max’s words hitch, and I can practically feel the energy radiating from the screen. “Emily this needs to end before it spirals out of control. It’s my fault, sending you that damned manuscript. You’ve always been professionally formal, until now.”

I laugh, softly, a devilish glint in my eyes. “Oh but Max, where’s the fun in that? The way you respond to my commands, the way you let yourself be vulnerable, that’s intoxicating.”

“I know I should… but I can’t fight this.” His eyes flicker back up to meet with mine.

“Then let go, Max.” I whisper, my tone a mix of invitation and challenge. “Embrace the freedom in surrender, in relinquishing control. It’s an exquisite play of power and surrender, and you’re a willing participant."

Max inhales slowly, his features a mixture of desire and frustration. “You’re playing with fire, Emily”

“That’s the beauty of it, Max. The flames may burn, but they also ignite something primal within us. Let me take you to places you’ve only dreamed of, and in return, I promise to make your words leap off the page with a raging intensity.”

He hesitates, his internal struggle evident in his eyes, “And if I refuse, if I choose to end this now for both our sakes?”

A slow smile curves my lips, “Oh, Max, you won’t, because deep down you crave the thrill, the unknown. Just as much as I do.” I have him exactly where I want him--torn between the boundaries of his comfort zone and the promise of erotic passion. “Think about it Max. We’re about to create something extraordinary, both in literature and in life. But for now, I’ll let you muse over my next move.”

With that, I end the call, leaving Max to grapple with his emotions and his humongous erection. As I sit here, my heart racing and my womanly bits on fire! I adore the power I hold over him. I’m playing a dangerous game, but I’m ready to lead, to push, and to revel in every glorious seductive moment of it. And on that note, my hand disappears inside my lacy undies.