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Wales, it's legacies are born of the arts, rarely does one step out to dreamily explore this majestic backdrop and not fall helplessly in love.
--the author (MDMLA)

The amazing thing about wielding the writer's pen is creating beautiful stories every day.
--the author (MDMLA)

About the Author
Misti Debonno is a studious writer, spending every day researching and creating imaginative stories in an attic room in the Welsh mountains.

Okay, that's a touch fictional. She holds her hands up to being a devoted coffee shop spy! It's here, that stories like Hijrah began, from the simple tap of a spoon to a group of retired men meeting for a morning brew, suddenly they morph into terrorists plotting the downfall of our nation. Her fine collection of scribbled notes merge to form what will eventually be a completed book, that is after much prompting from a stressed out publisher and much cajoling from her friends on social media.

Well she's only gone and did it! Her first spy novel Hijrah being published early 2017 by KGHH Publishing. And when you finish dragging yourself up from the floor you might want to start turning the pages on the first of many of what will be bestselling books by Misti Debonno.

HIJRAH by Misti Debonno

Lethal agent Missy Rothstein has mastered the art of seduction, outsmarting all in her path - but when Jackson Gellar enters her life her dedication is tested to the limit. Sent to take out an MI6 operative she comes face to face with lethally handsome Gellar! The explosive mission sees them counteracting terrorist plots whilst battling for survival. An underground network of specially trained child soldiers is poised to attack the very nations they were born unto. Amongst the deadly youth is believed to be Missy's nephew, Daniel! Missy abandons all rules in her quest to get him out alive, can she succeed and save the world from imminent attack? Misti Debonno's Hijrah is a modern fast paced thriller written in the style of Lee Child's Jack Reacher books. "Sex, spies & guns add up to fun in my book and for once the woman gets to be on top in more ways than one." Kensington Gore

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